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This is Mike's Page.
If you're here, you must really be lost.

1-4-2008, 11:45 PM - Ok, yes, this is my webpage. Or, really, it was. I don't really update it anymore, and some of the stuff on here was so old and outdated, it either needed to be corrected or deleted. I went for the easier option. There's still some stuff here that I want to leave here. Some pictures, some of my old fan fiction and poems, my ITG (dance game) videos, and my loving critiques of the Star Wars movies and NHL Predictions. So the page remains, but it's mostly just a place for me to put stuff. It's not a blog, nor is it really even so much a personal page, of the old Web 1.0 era. It just is what it is. Enjoy what's left, and feel free to drop me a line! --Mike