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In my spare time (and admittedly, when I'm bored stiff in class), I like to write stories. I think all of these are based in pre-existing worlds, the "Diablo" universe, or the "Battletech" universe. I've also added my poems from senior AP English, because they're pretty cool. So without further ado, my stories! All of these are in Microsoft Word form. Eventually I might convert them to text.

Also, an online friend of mine, Kevin, has some stories in an original series of his that I'm hosting for him on the site. Check out the page with his stuff here and enjoy. They're pretty good, and definately worth a read for fantasy fans, or just those looking for a good tale.

Kevin's story page

Diablo Stories

(I don't have a title for this series of stories yet, so just read 'em as is. It's a work in progress)

Battletech Stories

Other literature